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We support our clients to obtain documents issued and certified in the country of origin, to facilitate mobility, when the Assignee's agenda does not allow them to take care of these matters.

Consular Visas

We offer a wide range of services, related to the transfer of Assignees to Mexico, as well as consular assistance to obtain foreign visas for Mexicans or foreigners at the consulates that do not require the presence of the applicant.



We provide support with the legalization or apostille of documents for their validity in other countries, as well as the documents typically required for visas by other countries, such as: criminal records, medical certificates, civil registration records, copies certified before notary, etc.


Consular Assistence

We provide support for Mexicans and foreigners to obtain visas from other countries through consular offices located in Mexico. Our services are limited to the practice and possibility of mediation by a representing third party in different consular authorities.

Asistencia Consular


CR Business Immigration carries out the naturalization procedure for those who are candidates for the status and comply with the premises requested by the competent authority. Having combined our experience in migration law and the naturalization law, we are able to provide our clients with better advice, in order to avoid any obstacles that might eventually put naturalization process at risk. The acquisition of Mexican nationality may give advantages and benefits granted by law to a naturalized foreigner.


Experts on migration processes